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Greek musical instrument: one of the numerous derivates of the famous Arabian lute of medieval origin. is the mainstay of modern Greek music and is also found in Irish music. It is a stringed instrument with a pear-shaped body and a very long neck.

The bouzouki is a member of the ‘long neck lute’ family and is similar to an oversized mandolin. The front of the body is flat and is usually heavily inlaid with mother of pearl. The instrument is played with a plectrum and has a sharp metallic sound.

The bouzouki with the four pairs of strings often accompanies dances and songs.
« Once you play a bouzouki, you will play it for life ».


The ‘Play Bouzouki’, one of a new generation of Greek restaurants, is a restaurant which serves Greek specialities . It has several rooms : the central area can seat 50 people, another remote room which you can also reserve for your parties (40 people), a roomy veranda (40 people) and during the summer season there is the pavement café (40 people).

We serve our Greek specialities in typical surroundings where everybody will find happiness: a cuisine for all tastes with a lot of variety (have a look at our card).

Below are some photographs of the outbuilding (50 people) which you can also book for your business meals, family dinners (weddings, confirmations, birthdays … etc.)

For your banquets we will compose special menus according to your wishes.

The design (layout) of our restaurant is deliberately designed for the disabled.


Restaurant ‘Play Bouzouki’ has also a spacious veranda (can seat 40 people) and….

…a pavement café (during the summer season).



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Chaussée de Mons 12

(  Cureghem bara  –  Abattoirs   )

Open 7/7, non-stop cooking 11h till 23h

Friday and Saturday until 11.30pm.

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